Customer Success Story: Randall Kanna - Zero To Acquired in 12 Months

Kyle Gawley
Kyle Gawley
Gravity founder
Customer Success Story: Randall Kanna - Zero To Acquired in 12 Months

Learn how Randall went from zero to acquired with her SaaS app less than 12 months using the Gravity SaaS boilerplate.

Randall is well known in the web development scene, especially on X/Twitter. She co-authored Hands-On Smart Contract Development with Solidity and Ethereum with Kevin Solorio, published by O'Reilly in 2019. 

She also created the Hack the Tech Interview coursewhich sold an insane number of copies— $50k+ in the first week.

She became a Gravity customer in 2020, and I admit I was a little nervous at first about having such a high-profile customer!

She used the boilerplate to build CrowdFox, a social listening tool for finding engaging Twitter conversions. It pivoted to CodeTutor during last year's AI SaaS boom.

By the way, she built it while working full-time and becoming a mom, giving the rest of us no excuse for not starting that new SaaS idea.

Using Gravity to handle all the boring stuff like subscription billing and authentication, she built the first version of CodeTutor in less than two months and then launched, getting her first paying customer on the first day! Jealous yet?

Like any startup journey, it wasn't all sunshine and SaaS lollipops; one bad actor spammed her product with over 300 fake accounts and 30 fraudulent charges with stolen credit cards, prompting concerned emails from Stripe.

Gravity to the rescue! The problem was sorted out in just a few minutes by switching on the email verification feature.

Less than 12 months after launch, she listed her app on Acquire, and it was acquired in a few weeks 🤯

The most incredible part of this story is her acquisition was featured on a billboard in Times Square! 

Join Randall and 500+ customers who launched their SaaS products in weeks. Maybe you'll be featured in Times Square too!

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