Saving A Customer From 300 Fake Accounts & Stolen Credit Cards

Kyle Gawley
Kyle Gawley
Gravity founder
Saving A Customer From 300 Fake Accounts & Stolen Credit Cards

What happens when a customer's product takes off and gets spammed with 300 fake accounts and stolen credit cards?

Recently, one of my customers' products – CodeTutor – began to take off and attract attention.

Attention isn't always good – one bad actor spammed her product with over 300 fake accounts and 30 fraudulent charges with stolen credit cards, prompting concerned emails from Stripe.

"Honestly, I was freaking out! it was so stressful seeing the notifications and worrying Stripe was going to freeze my account."

A similar situation happened to me years ago at my previous startup, so ensuring Gravity is secure has always been a top priority for me.

Fortunately, email verification was top of the list on the new feature voting roadmap I implemented for Gravity, and I shipped the feature just as Randall was having this issue.

She pulled the changes from the Gravity repo and, within minutes, ended the fake accounts and fraudulent charges.

Randall Kanna tweet about Gravity

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