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  • "Gravity provided the foundation to jumpstart my SaaS product. The attention to detail, thoughtful approach, and creative inclination provided the most ideal outcome. In my capacity as a UX Lead at Apple I’ve worked with countless engineers — of which Kyle stands ahead of the pack. I hope to continue leveraging Gravity long into the future."Brad Bitler - Designer at Apple & Rafters Founder


Save $16,403 by not writing these 10,000+ lines of code

Subscription Payments

Monetise your SaaS application with a powerful billing system that uses Stripe.

React UI

Create beautiful user interfaces without any design skills.

Users & Authentication

Sign up, sign in, reset password – a user authentication system out-of-the-box.


Blazing fast REST API with token authentication.

Choose Your Database

Use MySQL, Mongo, Postgres, SQLite and more with Knex & Mongoose.


Empower users to work with teammates using a seamless invite system.

Email Notifications

Send beautiful email notifications to your users with Mailgun.

User Management

Manage your users from mission control - no more database diving.

Pre-built Components

From tables and forms to charts and icons, Gravity has everything you need.

Unit Tests

Hunt down and annihilate bugs in seconds with a full unit testing suite.

Security & Permissions

Manage permissions and restrict access for each user group.

1 Year of Updates

Download the full codebase and get access to new features and updates.

User Feedback

Collect user feedback and view reports without external tools.

User Onboarding

Increase user engagement and retention with user-onboarding flows.

User Impersonation

Log into user accounts and fix issues faster than ever.

Need additional features?

Gravity can be customised to include the features that fit your project requirements.

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Developers and businesses use Gravity to build fully loaded, market-ready SaaS products.

How It Works

One SaaS boilerplate with all the features you need


You get the full codebase so you can customise it to suit your requirements.


Tick a few boxes and click a few buttons to configure your SaaS application.


Run your application and start adding your own features.

exports.get = async function(id, email){

  let selector = {};

  email ?
    selector[''] = email :
    selector[''] = id;

  const cols = ['', '', 'account.date_created',
    'stripe_customer_id', 'stripe_subscription_id', 'plan','active', ''];

  const data = await db('account').select(cols)
  .join('user', 'user.account_id', '')

  return data.length ? data[0] : null;

  • "The code patterns are beautiful, the code is neat and well organized. I have been able to do everything I would like to do, spend a little time optimizing, and then it's done. Gravity turned a major headache into many weeks of saved time."Dave Young - Founder, Magnus Rush

Why Use Gravity?

As a founder and startup mentor, I've watched endless businesses blowing huge budgets and wasting weeks of time creating standard features like login forms and billing.

I created a Node.js SaaS boilerplate to help developers and businesses to slash development costs and build products faster, empowering them to focus on building features that truly matter – the ones that generate revenue.

For a small fee, you'll have a market-ready SaaS application that will save you weeks of time and thousands of dollars in software development costs.

Kyle Gawley – Gravity Founder

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