Launch your SaaS at warp speed with a Next.js landing page boilerplate

Tried and tested template that I've used to covert over 500 customers and generate $1000+ per customer.

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Gravity Next.js landing page boilerplate

500+ Companies & Developers Trust Gravity

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  • "Gravity provided the foundation to jumpstart my SaaS product. The attention to detail, thoughtful approach, and creative inclination provided the most ideal outcome. In my capacity as a UX Lead at Apple I've worked with countless engineers — of which Kyle stands ahead of the pack. I hope to continue leveraging Gravity long into the future."

    Brad Bitler
    Brad Bitler
    Designer at Apple & Rafters Founder
  • "I saved months of time with Gravity and was able to focus on my main features instead of writing tests, setting up Stripe, Mailgun and figuring out authentication. The support has been invaluable. Not only is Kyle extremely responsive, but other members of the community have even helped me late at night! Building a SaaS as a solo founder can be lonely so knowing you have the support of Gravity is huge. I was able to build my AI app in weeks instead of months and months."

  • "Everything worked perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly the whole setup process was – loved the unexpected setup wizard. I also appreciate the clean code and comments; as a Rails developer transitioning to Node.js that’s really helpful. Great SaaS boilerplate, exactly what I needed and it over-delivered at that price-point."

    Martin Martinel
    Martin Martinel
    Founder, Martinel Marketing


Save a week by not writing these 4,000+ lines of code

Stripe Payments

Validate your SaaS with Stripe checkout. Webhook included.

Email Capture

Capture demand by integrating with popular email services.

Purchasing Power Parity

Maximise sales by reaching more customers in new countries ($19/mo).

Price Testing

Test different price points to discover your optimal pricing ($19/mo).

SEO Optimised

Boost your search rankings with an SEO optimised template.

Beautifully Designed React UI

20+ handcrafted and customisable React components styled with Tailwind.

Dark Mode

Increase MRR by over 300% and reduce churn to 0% with dark mode.

Conversion Optimised

Battle-tested for 5 years to generate hundreds of thousands in revenue.

Six Pages

Homepage, pricing, terms, privacy, FAQs and contact pages included.

Discord Community

Concierge onboarding plus a private community of experienced founders.

Multi Licence

Use the template for as many landing pages as you like.

Lifetime Updates

Lifetime Github access with continuous updates.

Unlock Your Full Revenue Potential

Optimise your pricing with add-on pricing tools for $19/mo

Price Testing

Test different price points to discover your optimal pricing and maximise sales.

Purchasing Power Parity

Reach more customers in new countries with pricing tailored for each location.

Currency Localisation

Deliver localised pricing in 135 currencies to increase conversions.


Join 500+ customers who built a SaaS product at warp speed

Launchpad is coming in December 2023

Pre-order now and get 40% OFF - available for the first 50 customers ONLY

If the project doesn't go ahead for any reason, you'll get a full refund.

Kyle Gawley – How To Build a SaaS Product Course Instructor

Why Use This Next.js Template?

I've been shipping products for over a decade, and one of the most painful problems has always been building a landing page and capturing demand.

I created LaunchPad based on the template that I've used to convert over 500 customers and generate $1000s per customer.

It comes complete with email capture and Stripe payments to start charging your customers immediately. I used this template to generate over $25k of pre-sales for my SaaS course in one month.

Kyle Gawley, Gravity Founder
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  • "Gravity helped us to get a MVP up and running in less than two weeks. This allowed us secure funding for the project, while at the same time migrating from a legacy monolithic application stack to a more modern Node.js stack."

    Allan Swanepoel
    Allan Swanepoel
    Tech Lead, Draint Art
  • "Gravity has been a breath of fresh air and has saved us weeks of development time while allowing us to to focus on building our core SaaS offering, without having to figure out best practices for payments and user authentication. The aftercare and support has been great - questions are answered promptly in the active community."

    Richie McIlroy
    Richie McIlroy
    Founder, Floorfilment
  • "The code patterns are beautiful, the code is neat and well organized. I have been able to do everything I would like to do, spend a little time optimizing, and then it's done. Gravity turned a major headache into many weeks of saved time."

    Dave Young
    Dave Young
    Founder, Magnus Rush

Kickstart Your SaaS App With A Next.js Boilerplate

Join 500+ developers who launched at warp speed