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Trusted by 500+ developers since 2019

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What's included

Express API

Infrastructure for handling API requests separated by concern.

Error handling

Catch errors with a higher order function (HOF). No more try/catch.

Environment config

Credentials and API keys are stored in a secure environment.

Knex Query Builder

Build SQL queries easily with without manipulating strings.

Database migrations

Database migration files with Knex included.


Deploy and run the client and server together.


Monitor and restart your app automatically on code changes.

React Client

Served in both development and production modes.

React Router

Use separate routing files separated by concern.


Configured with 5 example components and 3 views.

Global View Context

Global methods and variables are accessible anywhere in your app.


Make requests from the client to server dev/prd modes.

What's Not Included

This boilerplate contains the configuration for a web application, but not the functionality. If you need authentication, payments etc, you can purchase the premium SaaS boilerplate that includes:

Subscription Payments

Monetise your SaaS with a Stripe billing system. Seat & usage billing included.

Users & Authentication

Secure authentication with brute-force protection, account lockouts and 2FA.


Empower users to work with teammates using a seamless invite system.

Email Notifications

Send beautiful email notifications without touching a single HTML table.

User Management

Manage your users from the mission control app - no more database diving.

Pre-built Components

From tables and forms to charts and icons, Gravity has everything you need.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Discord and email support included, 5 days per week.

Lots More

The premium boilerplate comes with 100s of features.

500+ Developers Trusted Gravity Since 2019

"Gravity provided the foundation to jumpstart my SaaS product. The attention to detail, thoughtful approach, and creative inclination provided the most ideal outcome. In my capacity as a UX Lead at Apple I've worked with countless engineers — of which Kyle stands ahead of the pack. I hope to continue leveraging Gravity long into the future."

Brad Bitler
Brad Bitler
Designer at Apple & Rafters Founder
Hey, my name is Randall Kanna and I've been a long term user of Gravity. It is hands down the best SaaS boilerplate on the market bar none. There is no other boilerplate that can compare with what Gravity offers. It is really isn't even a boilerplate, it's more like a start up in a box. It gives you more time to focus just on shipping features instead of worrying about security or emails or authentication or a stripe connection. I am such a fan. Whenever I go to like build a new feature and I think, OK, I'm gonna need a upload component for this. I just go to Gravity, I look at the documentation already exists. I'm able to pull it in really fast to my app and it's amazing and I would never be able to spend as much time testing and updating and looking for security flaws as Kyle does with Gravity. For instance, just last year, I had a user attacking my app and it was really scary. I started getting a bunch of, you know, scary emails from Stripe and there was a bunch of fraud going on. They were testing out credit card payments on my app. I just quickly pulled in the Gravity updates and I noticed that I could enable the confirm email feature and I did and the bots stopped immediately. Also I actually sold my app last year on Gravity. It was built on Gravity. I sold it on It was a lifelong dream and it felt so great to be able to do that. So, thank you Gravity.

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"Fantastic SaaS boilerplate. Very well documented, clean separation of concern and overall great code quality. Great value, can definitely recommend to anyone looking to save time and money. We bought the product 6 days ago and are mostly done rebranding it. Extensions have been straightforward, as simple as following documentation and YouTube videos explaining the process."

Þórhallur Einisson
Þórhallur Einisson
Solutions Architect, Meniga
4.6 stars on TrustPilot
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