Custom SaaS Boilerplate

Need additional features?

🚫 Save time and headaches building your SaaS app.

βœ… Gravity can be customised to fit your project requirements.

βœ… Get a market-ready SaaS-in-box that you can deploy and attract customers immediately.

How It Works

  • Fill out the form below with your project requirements.
  • If we’re a good fit, your project will be accepted.
  • You receive a quote to build your project.
  • You pay a 50% deposit upfront and 50% on delivery.

More payment plan options are available for larger projects.

What's Included

  • Gravity web boilerplate plus 1-5 custom features
  • Deployment to Heroku
  • Custom branding with your logo and colours
  • 1 year of updates to the core boilerplate (excluding the custom features)
  • Access to a private Discord community of founders.
  • Mission Control admin app for managing your SaaS
  • Next.js landing page template

What's Not Included

  • Bespoke UI design - your custom boilerplate will utilise the existing Gravity components. The logo and colors can be tailored to your project and you can choose to use either Tailwind or SCSS, but revamping the entire UI with a new UI kit is not included.
  • Phone calls – communication is done via email/Discord. This ensures the maximum amount of time is dedicated to building your app rather than on calls. Having everything in writing also ensures you get exactly what you ask for without information being missed during a call.
  • Deployment excluding Heroku - if you require a different service, you will need to deploy the code yourself.
  • Landing page design - the landing page template is included in your purchase, and you can populate it with your content by yourself. It's designed to be very easy to use.

Why Use Gravity vs An Agency?

βœ… Save Money

Your purchase includes the full SaaS boilerplate with authentication, billing, UI design and much more (check out the full demo). You also get full-featured SaaS admin app for managing your users - everything you need to launch at a competitive price.

If you're hiring an agency or freelancer to do this work, they will charge you by the hour to build these features, costing 10x the price.

βœ… Reduce Risk

Plus, these features have already been commercially tested by 500+ customers and are mature and robust. An agency carries an added risk of issues and bugs because these won't have been tested in a brand new app.

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