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Trusted by 500+ developers since 2019

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500+ Developers Trusted Gravity Since 2019

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  • "Gravity provided the foundation to jumpstart my SaaS product. The attention to detail, thoughtful approach, and creative inclination provided the most ideal outcome. In my capacity as a UX Lead at Apple I've worked with countless engineers — of which Kyle stands ahead of the pack. I hope to continue leveraging Gravity long into the future."

    Brad Bitler
    Brad Bitler
    Designer at Apple & Rafters Founder
  • Hey, my name is Randall Kanna and I've been a long term user of Gravity. It is hands down the best SaaS boilerplate on the market bar none. There is no other boilerplate that can compare with what Gravity offers. It is really isn't even a boilerplate, it's more like a start up in a box. It gives you more time to focus just on shipping features instead of worrying about security or emails or authentication or a stripe connection. I am such a fan. Whenever I go to like build a new feature and I think, OK, I'm gonna need a upload component for this. I just go to Gravity, I look at the documentation already exists. I'm able to pull it in really fast to my app and it's amazing and I would never be able to spend as much time testing and updating and looking for security flaws as Kyle does with Gravity. For instance, just last year, I had a user attacking my app and it was really scary. I started getting a bunch of, you know, scary emails from Stripe and there was a bunch of fraud going on. They were testing out credit card payments on my app. I just quickly pulled in the Gravity updates and I noticed that I could enable the confirm email feature and I did and the bots stopped immediately. Also I actually sold my app last year on Gravity. It was built on Gravity. I sold it on It was a lifelong dream and it felt so great to be able to do that. So, thank you Gravity.

    "My SaaS app was acquired..."

  • "Everything worked perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly the whole setup process was – loved the unexpected setup wizard. I also appreciate the clean code and comments; as a Rails developer transitioning to Node.js that’s really helpful. Great SaaS boilerplate, exactly what I needed and it over-delivered at that price-point."

    Martin Martinel
    Martin Martinel
    Founder, Martinel Marketing


Save 3 months + $16,403 by not writing these 15,000+ lines of code

Subscription Payments

Monetise your SaaS with a Stripe billing system. Seat & usage billing included.

Users & Authentication

Secure authentication with brute-force protection, account lockouts and 2FA.

React & Tailwind UI

50+ Tailwind (or SCSS) styled components - dark mode included.


Provide a tailored experience for your users with support for multiple languages.

AI Text & Images

Generate AI text and images with ChatGPT and Dall-E integrations.

Social Logins

Sign in with Google, Facebook, X and 500+ social networks.


Blazing fast REST API with token authentication and API keys.

Choose Your Database

Use MySQL, Mongo, Postgres, SQLite and more with Knex or Mongoose.


Empower users to work with teammates using a seamless invite system.

Email Notifications

Send beautiful email notifications without touching a single HTML table.

User Management

Manage your users from the mission control app - no more database diving.

Pre-built Components

From tables and forms to charts and icons, Gravity has everything you need.


Hunt down and annihilate bugs in seconds with integration tests.


Create new views, models and controllers in a second via the CLI.

Next.js Landing Page

Increase sign-ups with an SEO-friendly SaaS landing page template.

Onboarding & Feedback

Increase user engagement and retention with onboarding and feedback flows.

Error & Event Logging

Log errors and user events with analytics - no need for external tools.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Discord and email support included, 5 days per week.

Discord Community

Concierge onboarding plus a private community of experienced developers.

1 Year of Updates

Github access with continuous updates and only $195/yr after the first year.

Everything You Need To Build a SaaS Application

How It Works

One SaaS boilerplate with all the features you need



Get the full codebase via Github and customise it to suit your requirements.



Connect your database and Stripe account and configure your boilerplate.



Watch the video below to see how easy it is to add your own features.

How To Build an AI Photo Generation App With Gravity

500+ Businesses Powered By Gravity

Developers and businesses use Gravity to build fully loaded, market-ready SaaS products.

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Draint Art

Need a Mobile App?

Bolt on the Gravity Native boilerplate and get native iOS and Android apps

  • Built with React Native
  • One Node.js server, multiple clients
  • Build native iOS and Android apps
  • Publish in one command with Expo
  • 100% Javascript
  • Push notifications
  • No wrestling with native languages or IDEs
  • 15 UI components included
Kyle Gawley – How To Build a SaaS Product Course Instructor

Why Use a SaaS Boilerplate?

As a tech founder, I've watched countless businesses blowing huge budgets and wasting months of time creating standard features like login forms and billing.

I created a Node.js SaaS boilerplate to help developers slash development costs and build products faster, empowering them to focus on building features that truly matter – the ones that deliver value to customers and generate revenue.

For a fraction of what you'll pay someone to build these features, or the time it will take you to do yourself – you'll have a production-ready Node.js SaaS application that will save you months of time and thousands of dollars.

Kyle Gawley, Gravity Founder

Why Use a Paid SaaS Boilerplate Over Open Source?


Private source code means your application infrastructure isn't available publicly for anyone with malicious intent to exploit.


Bugs are fixed within 24 hours and new updates pushed weekly. No waiting around for the community to add features or fix issues.


Get help right away via email or Discord, no need to spend your valuable time on Stack Overflow searching for answers.

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  • "Gravity helped us to get a MVP up and running in less than two weeks. This allowed us secure funding for the project, while at the same time migrating from a legacy monolithic application stack to a more modern Node.js stack."

    Allan Swanepoel
    Allan Swanepoel
    Tech Lead, Draint Art
  • "Gravity has been a breath of fresh air and has saved us weeks of development time while allowing us to to focus on building our core SaaS offering, without having to figure out best practices for payments and user authentication. The aftercare and support has been great - questions are answered promptly in the active community."

    Richie McIlroy
    Richie McIlroy
    Founder, Floorfilment
  • "The code patterns are beautiful, the code is neat and well organized. I have been able to do everything I would like to do, spend a little time optimizing, and then it's done. Gravity turned a major headache into many weeks of saved time."

    Dave Young
    Dave Young
    Founder, Magnus Rush

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