Free Boilerplate

Build a full-stack web application using React, Tailwind, Node.js and Express.


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Free SaaS Boilerplate


What's included

Express API

Infrastructure for handling API requests separated by concern.

Error handling

Catch errors with a higher order function (HOF). No more try/catch.

Environment config

Credentials and API keys are stored in a secure environment.

Knex Query Builder

Build SQL queries easily with without manipulating strings.

Database migrations

Database migration files with Knex included.


Deploy and run the client and server together.


Monitor and restart your app automatically on code changes.

React Client

Served in both development and production modes.

React Router

Use separate routing files separated by concern.


Configured with 5 example components and 3 views.

Global View Context

Global methods and variables are accessible anywhere in your app.


Make requests from the client to server dev/prd modes.

What's Not Included

This boilerplate contains the configuration for a web application. It does not include the functionality. If you need authentication, payments etc, you can purchase the premium SaaS boilerplate