• React.js
  • Node v12
  • Express v4
  • Multi-tenant MySQL
  • REST API with JSON token authentication
  • Error-handling middleware
  • MVC


  • User registration, authentication and password reset
  • Secure token-based email invitations for teams
  • Billing upgrade/downgrade
  • Team management
  • Upgrade profile
  • Update credit card details
  • Email notifications
  • Permissions for each user type
  • Email notifications with Mailgun
  • Beautifully hand-crafted homepage template
  • Pricing page
  • GDPR-compliant privacy policy
  • Boilerplate terms and conditions page
  • CLI toolbet for common tasks

User Interface

Full component library of pre-built, copy and paste components.

  • Responsive line, pie, donut and sparkline charts
  • Grids and scaling system using the golden ratio
  • Forms with validation
  • Notification system
  • Loaders and progress bars
  • Tables with sort/search and pagination
  • Statistics
  • Mobile nav, tabs and breadcrumbs
  • Modals
  • Icons

Master Dashboard

Manage your application without diving into your database.

  • Upgrade or downgrade billing plans
  • De-activate accounts
  • Edit account or user profiles
  • Usage metrics

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