Gravity: Node.js SaaS boilerplate with React UI

Discover bugs in your app before your users do

Save time and money with automated testing to find issues in your app without writing a single line of code.


Complete end-to-end testing without code

UI Testing

Automate real user interactions from form submissions to button clicks and state changes.

API Testing

Routinely test your API for specific responses and data without complex unit tests.

Accessibility Tests

Get actionable insights to make your application accessible to everyone.

Real-time Alerts

Don't wait for your users to report bugs, get notified as soon as something breaks.

No Code Required

Forget about writing complex unit tests. Record real browser interactions and repeat them.

Continuous Testing

Schedule tests to run daily, weekly or on-demand whenever you deploy a new change.

Language Agnostic

Firelab uses a real browser to run your tests, so it doesn't matter if you're using React and Node or Angular and Ruby.

Connect Your Tools

Connect your Github repo to run tests on each deployment, get notified of issues via Slack, email or SMS.

Chaos Monkey

Stress-test your app with randomised interactions to discover edge cases.

How It Works

Set up your tests in minutes. No code required.

Create a Test

Tests can be executed in a specific order and schedule of your choice.

Define User Flows

Record user interactions in the browser and save them to repeat later.

Fix Bugs

Get notified as soon as a test fails so you can take immediate action.


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  • UI testing
  • API testing
  • 10 test hours per month


  • UI testing
  • API testing
  • 25 test hours per month


  • UI testing
  • API testing
  • 75 test hours per month

Say Goodbye to Bugs

Protect against lost revenue and damaged user trust today.