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Rocket Science

Rocket Science

How to build a profitable, indie software business while living your perfect lifestyle. Just add passion. No stress or venture capital required.


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About The Book

Are you a developer whose tired of building other peoples dreams? Would you like to build your own fun and profitable software products, without the stress of raising venture capital and building a huge tech company?

This book challenges the conventional narrative that software businesses can only be successful if they raise millions in venture funding and aim for a multi-billion dollar exit.

More and more developers in 2021 are turning to indie hacking – building their own profitable businesses without raising money and often working solo or as part of a micro-team.

I first wrote this book in 2017 when I began my transition from CEO of a venture capital-funded startup with $5m in sales to an independent solopreneur after a brutal experience with stress put me in hospital.

Having now achieved happiness and financial freedom as a solopreneur, it’s the perfect time to revise the book with new experiences and learnings.

Kyle Gawley – Gravity Founder

What's Inside

An entertaining fusion of actionable, experience-based learning and startup war stories.

You'll learn how to:

  • Determine if venture capital or indie hacking is best for you
  • Design your perfect lifestyle business
  • Discover profitable business ideas
  • Choose a profitable business model
  • Deal with competition
  • Let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Test ideas before investing time and money
  • Build a software app at warp speed
  • Apply solid design and UX principles
  • Stay motivated even in tough times
  • Price your product to generate profits
  • Build emotional resillience and reduce startup stress
  • Find alternative sources of startup funding
  • Launch your product with zero budget
  • Market your product as a developer who hates marketing
  • Sell your product without feeling like a dirt-bag
  • Avoid vanity metrics, and focus on what matters
  • Automate your business and gain more free time


Don't take my word for it, listen to what my readers are saying:

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  • "A must read for anyone who is venturing into the startup world or is already knee deep in it and looking to transform their entrepreneurial journey to balance with their lifestyle.

    There are so many online resources and authorities nowadays peddling their steps to success with little substance behind them so it’s so refreshing to read Kyle’s straight talking guidance and know that it is all from the voice of experience; coming from his years of insight in building successful businesses and products.

    It is an easy read due to the concise and direct outline of his advice and steps he recommends you follow. I often become overwhelmed with business guidance due to the way that other sources tend to overcomplicate their strategy but Kyle’s direction is so clear and actionable you really can’t go wrong. In particular, the knowledge and guidance he shares on testing the market and launching your product are real golden nuggets to look for.

    A worthy purchase and I will continue to refer to it as I build my business. Highly recommend!"

    Mandy Kennedy Solopreneur
    Mandy Kennedy
  • Anyone who has ever wondered about the possibility of stepping outside their 9-5 but who can’t bear to read the plethora of BS that exists online about this subject, then this is the only book you should read. I’m a marketer by trade, though like many people I’ve toyed with the idea of making a product of some kind so that my earnings weren’t limited to selling my time (which is obviously finite).

    I’ve always thought such ideas were the reserve of developers, yet the author clearly and simply explains how it is a lifestyle choice open to anyone. The steps are very clear and detailed in how to decide on an idea, how to test it, how to work out the pricing so it’s viable. And I was especially impressed by the 'Marketing for no Non-Marketers' section which effortlessly distills where and how to market a new product in a way that even I have struggled to explain to business owners over the years.

    I appreciated the more unusual case studies I hadn’t read about before and the whole read was so enjoyable that I finished the book over evenings of just 1 week. Highly recommended."

    Leanne Ross
    Leanne Ross
    Author of Talk is Cheap
  • "No nonsense, no fluff, just straight-talking and straight-forward advice in an easy-to-read, concise format. Kyle clearly knows what he is talking about and is drawing on his own experience (successes and failures alike), and my only regret is not having read this book before starting my own business and falling victim to the very pitfalls and traps Kyle warns of within.

    It's going to serve as a great resource for me moving forward in business as it contains practical instructions and digestible chunks of really useful information. Whether you’re a complete novice to the startup world, or a seasoned veteran; whether you're at the stage where starting a company and living the life you want to live is only a niggling itch somewhere in the back of your brain, or you’re already an established business owner seeking a fresh perspective and new ideas to progress and achieve your life goals... this book is most definitely for you."

    Michael Foster of MichaelFosterTV
    Michael Foster
  • "This book is a super quick read that is completely brimming with practical and experience earned guidance. Through this book Kyle shared honest reflections on his own startup journey, offers relatable case studies, and most importantly, gives lots of tips on how you can implement the learning."
    Jonny McCormick Founder @ Rosseau
    Jonny McCormick
    Founder Rosseau
  • "If you’ve ever had an idea for a startup, but you’ve yet to amass the courage to take the leap, this book is for you. Kyle has walked the walk. As the co-founder of Get Invited, Kyle has built a company which has surpassed $5m in sales, so he’s knows what he’s talking about.

    He’s also, taken to the road, running his businesses from a variety of exotic locations. You might say, he’s living the dream.

    All too often books that encourage you to 'follow your passion' are written by individuals who, sad to say, have never taken a leap in their life, offering advice from the safety of their armchairs. That’s not Kyle.

    Buy this book. Kyle has shared his secrets – as very few do – and, as such, his advice is invaluable.

    Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy
  • "This is a straight talking book of excellent tips to leverage your ideal lifestyle from a bootstrapped business; its easy to read and offers step by step guidance. Kyle demonstrates his hands on experience throughout and drops nugget after nugget of gems on how to set-up and grow a business from scratch. Highly recommend this book as it is written by someone who has done it themselves."
    Niall McGinnity
    Niall McGinnity
    Founder Nuvem9

About The Author

In 2012, Kyle co-founded Get Invited and grew it to $5m in sales while working with customers like Game of Thrones and Jason Calacanis. After a traumatic experience in hospital, he pivoted and built Gravitysingle-handedly as solopreneur while travelling the world and living in beautiful, exotic locations like Thailand and Bali.