Gravity 7.0 Beta With Social Logins Now Available

Kyle Gawley
Kyle Gawley
Gravity founder
Gravity 7.0 Beta With Social Logins Now Available

Hot off the tail of the 300 customers milestone, today I'm super-excited to announce the Gravity 7.0 beta with social logins.

Login with Facebook, Twitter+

As per popular demand, Gravity now includes social logins, so your customers can now sign in with Facebook, Twitter or 500 additional social networks.

Run Automated Tests With Firelab

Gravity now integrates neatly with Firelab to run automated, continuous browser tests and detect bugs in your web application. Even better yet, Gravity customers get 50% off their first three months of Firelab.

Log Errors Like a Boss

Forget expensive third-party tools, Gravity now has an in-built logger  that records errors and custom logs, accessible via your Mission Control dashboard.

Wait, there's more!

There's a tone of new updates in the latest version, view the full changelog below.

authenticate with social networks
added fontawesome icon pack
added a static router for server side routes
added cryptography support
configured for heroku deployment
invited users listed in invite table
set the permission level when inviting a user
delete or resend a user invite
preview card details in /account/billing
billing cycle dates in plan UI
list past invoices in billing view
amazon s3 model for uploading files and interacting with buckets
download action added to table
view action to table to load a detail view (example in missioncontrol/logs)
pagination component
log errors and view them in mission control + get notified via email
table can render conditional badge colors
npmrc file to resolve installation issues with legacy-peer-deps in npm7
signout api endpoint to destory auth tokens

added throttle to search component
added extra security to reset password flow
table can render custom actions for a single row
improved table row callbacks for edit/delete
improved user.create to use a single object as params
authController.signin refactored to handle both email/pass and social
signup form split in two: 1. user/pass OR social 2. plan/payment
jwt contains provider (facebook, twitter etc.)
moved domain section of setup into its own view
updated social share buttons to use fontawesome brand pack
user model updated to handle social network ids
split billing view into smaller components
plan features moved into /config file to simplify pricing component
auth check in client auth.js now checks for social token, jwt, and subscription
moved authentication endpoints into new /api/auth file
added url prop to button for navigating to external links
improved jwt security by storing active token in db
more colors added to icon props
modal form receives server response in callback
replaced mailgun-js with raw api call (fixed vuln with package)
updated packages to latest versions
optimised fetching subscription status (new account.subscription model)

rejectUnauthorized issue with new version of Postgres
; being appended to mongo schema via toolbelt

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